Halloween Town

Hello, Welcome to Halloween Town where it's Halloween everyday! Now you might think that's childish but it truly isn't. The people living in Halloween Town have some sort of power or special ability. Some lived in Halloween Town for all that they can never. It's for the humans don't call them freaks and use them for evil. Even though there are nice people here there can be bad people too. So watch out.

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Kyle Knox|18|Vamprie|Harry Stlyes|Single|OPEN

Kyle has been living in Halloween Town since he was born. And because of that he thinks he runs this town. You can always find him getting in trouble. He is a big flirt and doesn’t care what people think. He’d do and say anything to get what he wants. He has the girls on his knees begging. Since he’s a vampire he can change people’s minds into doing other things. But no one knows he does that. Which makes it more funny for him. Kyle doesn’t believe in love and that gross stuff. He just wants over things to fill that place. People might think he’s a jerk but deep down he has a soft side. He can’t stand when people are upset. So he tries to change their mind. The the thing is he can’t always do that if their mind is locked on that.  He then tries to comfort them the best way which doesn’t really help. He is the funny guy who is super cocky and doesn’t tell people what he thinks. 

Hayley Mitchell|18|Troll|Chachi Gonzales|Single|OPEN

Hayley has always been the a happy go lucky girl. She is always thinking positive and doesn’t have a problem doing so. She doesn’t care what people think of her. Even when she did grow up living in the real world. She moved to Halloween Town at the  age of 15. She has no problem making friends. She is the most friendliest person you can find. She will always have a smile on her face. And she would stand up to what she believes in. Hayley accepted the fact that who she is and that she knows  she isn’t the only one. She knows she can have people tell her and make fun of her but she doesn’t take it to heart because she knows it won’t change anything.

Kelly Portt|19|Fairy|Ashley Benson|Single|OPEN

Kelly didn’t know she was a Fairy until she was 10. Where she was wish something and with a flick of a figure it would happen. She just thought she had superpowers. Her parents finally noticed and told her who she really was. At the age of 12 they moved to Halloween Town where she to be herself. But ever since she found out normal people aren’t like that she always kept to herself. She would stay away from people and be quiet. Locking herself in her room was that she thought the best idea. She didn’t want to be called a freak. She thinks she’s the only one who has this ‘problem’. Kelly thought she was going to go crazy without anything to tell her that she’s normal. She feels the proud of herself that she can keep this big thing from everyone. 

Eve Carter|18|Vampire|Emily Osment|Single|TAKEN

Eve has lived in Halloween Town her whole life, but she thought it was just normal. Until she started to grow her fangs, which were very painful. Eve was such a quiet girl until a boy showed her some ways. Now she thinks she can get any guy. She doesn’t just think that. She CAN get any guy. Most people know she’s a vampire. Pretty much all the guys find that sexy. Who doesn’t want a girl chewing on their neck? Right? Eve is different. She doesn’t kill people for blood. Heck she couldn’t hurt a fly.  The girl also has trust issues. She can never believe what everyone says. Because it’s too much to handle. Plus, she writes in a journal to express her feelings. Being a vampire you have benefits. You can have some sort of power along with it. Eve’s thing is that she can read minds. But no one knows that because she doesn’t want people to take advantage of her. Plus you can always find her walking around the town at night. Of course she likes night better than day. Eve is quite mysterious. 

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